My formal training originated at Alverno College in Wisconsin where I studied Art Education. After teaching in Wisconsin my path to Taos began while on a 1961 honeymoon trip with my architect husband who wanted to share New Mexico with me. We came; we stayed. Soon our lives were enriched by involvements with members of the art community, creating a circle of new friends which included such important and memorable painters as Andrew Dasberg, Oli Silvonen, Bea Mandelman and Louis Ribak. These great talents epitomized the commitment and privilege of the career. Through them and with them our lives flourished with theoretical discussions and the many studio viewings available in this talent rich community.

Later the advent of the California artists in the late 60's intensified the local scene and added more to my ever growing experiences. Artist friends like Larry Bell, Ken Price and Alyce Frank showed me that art is a job which takes courage and dedication. All of these personal experiences and my studies with William Stewart have blended into useful influences on my work.

During these past thirty-eight years our five children wee born and raised in Taos. With the exception of Jacob they have all pursued careers in art-related fields associated with the film industry, museum education and interior design. I have been teaching art as a volunter in the elementary schools for over twenty years.

Assimilating the tranquil Taos atmosphere and sharing my teaching skills have had a positive effect on my work. As I spend more and more time in my studio I see see how my work is nurtured by warm relationships and the Taos environment.