When I first visited Taos in 1965 it immediately felt like home. This feeling remained with me and following several years of work and travel abroad, Taos finally became my home in 1976. This town and landscape reunited me with an aspect of those times in foreign lands where life was simpler and indeed much more basic. And so I settled here and began to pursue my work with the basic tool of my art school days ... the pencil.
For the past thirty years the pencil and the ensuing drawings have been the cornerstone of my work. Slow and labor intensive, these drawings have intrigued me, frustrated me, haunted me and challenged me to continue their pursuit. They began as windows and doorways, moved to more linear designs trying to capture the influence of light on a particular surface, changed into organic forms and are now concentrating on the voluptuous forms of the female figure. These current drawings are responses to patterns and markings made by tidal flows and cloud formations.
For relief from the many layers of circular motion of the drawings, I turn to other media ... waxes, acrylics, pastels ... materials that lend to more rapid application and quicker results. The color is mostly intense ... mostly cool ... sometimes remembrances of past travels and voyages. My work remains abstract, nonobjective for the most part ... something that challenges me and continues to give me extraordinary pleasure.

1967 BA, French; Rosary College, River Forest, IL
1975 BFA, Metal Design: University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 1993 Sisters: two person show, Anne Burke and Jane Ellen Burke, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM
1993 Taos Moderns in Carlsbad, Museum of Fine Arts, Carlsbad, NM
1993 Voyeur, A Show of the Erotic, Rod Goebel Gallery, Taos, NM
1992 Drawn West: Third Annual Biennial Exhibition, Nora Ecles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University, Logan, UT
1991 Deary Exhibition, Harwood Library, Taos, NM
1991 Jane Ellen Burke: Recent Work, Fenix Gallery, Taos, NM
1988 Taos Today, Bataan Center, Taos, NM
1987 Recent Paintings, Harwood Foundation, Taos, NM
1986 Art On & Of Paper, Stables Gallery, Taos, NM
1985 Taos Invites Taos, Kachina Lodge, Taos, NM
1985 Taos Today, Stables Art Gallery, Taos, NM
1984 Jane Ellen Burke & Carolyn Kersten, Impressions Gallery, Taos, NM
1984 Group Show, Variant Gallery, Taos, NM
1984 The X Show, Vertex Gallery, Taos, NM
1984 All Women Art Exhibit, Arrott Art Gallery, Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM
1984 Print & Drawing Exhibition, Stables Art Gallery, Taos, NM
1983 Three Artists Exhibit: Jane Ellen Burke, J.T. Dixon, Martha Woodbury, Variant Gallery, Taos, NM
1982 First Annual Spring Arts Celebration, Taos Inn, Taos, NM
1982 Tao in Taos, Tennis Ranch of Taos, Taos, NM
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1978-82 Taos Open Awards Show, Stables Gallery, Taos, NM